Indice éternité II (2017)

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En dialogue avec Simon Belleau et Luc Paradis

Orléans Gallery, École d’art d’Ottawa

As part of the residency project, Dominique Sirois will be building on her ongoing series Mimesis Trinity. While presenting some existing pieces from her latest project, Indice éternité, Sirois will be building new works. Indice éternité is part of a series of projects relating art and economy with an original perspective. For this creation, Sirois takes as a starting point emotions like the desire for gain and the fear of loosing, widespread tendencies that are particularly exacerbated in the realm of finance. Indice éternité II explores death as the ultimate obstacle in capitalism and considers contemporary research on eternal life in a world full of the inequalities. Besides the new pieces that will be created during the residency, Dominique Sirois has selected work from other artists to create a dialogue. Simon Belleau SOIF, brings the dimension of psychological thirst with references to water (flood bag, glass), while Luc Paradis painting, The Egg adds a feminine dimension in the manly world where the project takes root.