Your mind is a mirror

(Galerie Pangée, Montréal – March 19th to May 13- 2023).

~ In Your mind is a mirror, the practices of Ani Gurashvili, Jacopo Pagin, Anjuli Rathod, and Dominique Sirois open up to an array of influences ranging from historical and cultural myths to personal narratives and inquiries, into a symbolic imagery that is mysteriously familiar. Chaotic and complex, those embodied memories, layered temporalities, and mental images unfold in the artists’ mind, turning to creation to make visible what is not visible enough. New images are born from within and become living carriers of possibility.

I do not sleep.

Traces and fragments float in my consciousness.

Past, present, future – could it be the same?

Under the thin layer of my eyelids unbeknownst to all I follow these bows and curves of time.

All those sensations, emotions, desires Dreamed, seen, imagined, felt Pool into the mirror that is conscience.

I am a leaf.

Quivering, honest, uncertain.

I float outside, but also inside – could it be the same?

If I’m careful enough I can hear the sound of my lungs my heart and see glimmers outlining a moon through my eyelids.

I wake up, and out I go again… I do not sleep.

Poem by Michelle Bui